Pollen in SE QLD

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Pollen in SE QLD

Postby Sunny » Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:36 am

HI All, I am wondering if the pollen season in Brisbane has been a lot worse than normal this year (and obviously late last year)? My kids are really struggling with pollen reactions and I know many other families in the same position. If it has been worse, is this likely because of the higher than average temperatures (particularly this year Jan - Feb), as well as the very low rain levels? Or another reason? And when can we expect some relief? I note that other states seem to be much lower, but Brisbane is still recording high and extreme levels :( We are on the Sunshine Coast and although we have the benefit of the sea breeze (if we have easterlies), I assume the levels are still high here too. Anyone who can shed any light would be really appreciated! Thank you.

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