How does the pollan count works?

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How does the pollan count works?

Postby Sara » Fri Dec 02, 2016 6:45 pm

I have downloaded this app about one month ago. I found my symptom seems opposite to the pollen count! For instance, today's count is low however I am having a quite strong allergy; while the other day had a high pollen count, I was just fine with very minor symptom. The reason I downloaded this app is to prepare my kids and myself for the day. I would like only take tablets when the pollen count is high. However this pollen forecast function seems not working for me at all.

I hate to depend on medication to survive the 3-4 months each year ( do not know how long I will be suffering from hay fever). I also feel sorry for my son, he is just 8, and he has a more severe hay fever than me. He is also suffering from asthma which is caused from hay fever. He has to live on medication for all his life, unless some genius discover a cure for it.

Australia is such lovely country but this pollen thing really made many people's life difficult!
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Re: How does the pollan count works?

Postby Ed@MelbournePollen » Fri Dec 02, 2016 6:52 pm

Hi Sara, thanks for the message.
We basically are forecasting levels of grass pollen in Melbourne's air. One possibility is that you aren't allergic to grass pollen which means our forecasts aren't useful to you. However you can still use the app to track your symptoms. The graph showing days when your symptoms are worse or better can be very useful for diagnosis. Share it with your GP.

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