other airbourne allergens

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other airbourne allergens

Postby jimporter_ebs » Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:07 am

I have worked throughout eastern Australia as an ecologist and whilst in Wagga Wagga for two years suffered asthma. Over this period there was severe drought lasting about 4 years. The locals considered Paterson's curse which is widespread in region, street plantings of plains trees and grass pollen in spring as contributing to asthma which is common in Wagga. Given the drought, there was no flowering or growth of Paterson's curse, plains trees or grasses over this period. There were however, many dust storms and occasional dry thunder storms during my stay which carried material from far western parts of southern inland Australia. In collecting plants from inland areas on the saltbush plains around Hay and western Riverina regions I noticed that may hands reacted allergically when contacting the soil. I therefore consider that the causes of asthma in SE Australia is contributed to by plant litter in soils uplifted by winds from the inland plains which grow salt bush and related arid vegetation. As these areas are mostly dry, well grazed and surfaces disturbed by stock, dust is more readily picked up by wind than it is in higher rainfall areas to east.

Earlier in western Queensland, I noted that some individuals suffered asthma and breathing issues when camped in areas where gidgee Acacia cambagei (old name) was flowering with its pungent smell.

My suggestion is that studies could include a wider range of plant material and species from inland areas, far removed from populated areas where asthma is commonly attributed to grass pollen.

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