Do you have any problems with skin tags?

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Do you have any problems with skin tags?

Postby Solianne » Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:25 am

Skin tags are caused by the accumulation of collagen and blood vessels in some thicker parts of the skin, which mainly result from the rubbing of skin.
Although skin tags seem not cause any pain but it can be the symptom of diabetes, obesity, human papilloma virus, heredity...
To remove skin tags, you don't need to take any surgery, just some simple remedies following are enough to do it :)
1. Tea tree oil:
Known as one of the most impressive ways to get rid of skin tag fast and naturally, it will help dry out the skin tags and make them fall off the skin without causing any pain.
How to use it: Soak a cotton ball in water and squeeze it out. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to the cotton ball. Apply it over the affected skin before gently massaging in the circular motions. Keep it for several hours and then rinse it off.

2. Garlic:
Grab a garlic to get its juice and rub the juice on the skin tags twice per day
Remember to put the new garlic for each turn of applying.

3. A strange hack I heard from my friend is that nail polish can get rid of skin tag ??!!
Here's what she told me to use nail polish: spread the nail polish over the skin tags, let it dry. That's it! Easy peasy! (Repeat it for up to thrice per day for several days or until the skin tags are completely faded away.) Don't know if it works or not.. but I feel unsure about this.

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